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A Deep Dive into Miss Lambe: Exploring the Life of the Wealthy Black Heiress in Jane Austen's Sanditon

Sanditon by Jane Austen, her final published work, showcases a new cast of characters and landscapes not seen in her previous publications. This unfinished book features Miss Lambe, a wealthy, Black heiress from the British West Indies who visits Sanditon on vacation. In her lecture, Tiffany analyzes her character in the broader context of 19th century England. By exploring her character, one can learn more about race relations in England, Britain's West Indian colony and the significance of her upper-class status in the novel. Due to the unfinished nature of the book, delving deeper into the historical context and looking at similar literature provides a more detailed character map of Miss Lambe that is missing from the original text, bringing her story to life. Tiffany also will examine the tv show “Sanditon” to see how the program brings Miss Lambe’s story to life, while exploring the parallels between the novel’s adaptation and the historical context.

Presented at Virtual Jane Austen Con July 17th, 2022 

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